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The Art of Clowning

Connecting Culture, Health and Science
Healthcare Clowning International Meeting 2018
4 - 6 April 2018
Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria


The HCIM 2018 programme is now available
More than 40 parallel sessions and plenary sessions address the four main conference themes!
Central topics include the art and professionalisation of Healthcare Clowning, its role in society, its scientific foundations, as well as the responses of the sector to current global challenges. Please note that session times and rooms may still be subjected to changes. The final programme brochure will be published soon.

The HCIM 2018 is SOLD OUT

At the moment we do not anticipate releasing additional tickets.
We appreciate your interest in the HCIM 2018, but we have reached the maximum capacity!
To spark the conversation, here is a captivating TEDx Talks video exploring why humour in healthcare is so important.

Scholarships and Support

We have some ideas that can help you attendance to participate in the HCMI 2018.


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Evening Events

Get Together And Enjoy The Art Of Clowning


Two evening events are accompanying the conference. April 4th will feature a show starring clowns coming from all corners of the earth. For more information see "The Really Awesome Clown Cabaret".
The second evening, April 5th, will be an “imperial” dinner at the Viennese Rathaus (an additional fee is required to attend). During the dinner, clown organisations from all over the world can show themselves in a playful “imperial” way (registration is needed to participate). For more information see "Dinner & Imperial Presentation".


In cooperation with the the Competence Center for Nonprofit Organisations and Social Entrepreneurship

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